Bitcoin mining packages from £20, get them while there HOT!

By | Cloud Mining, Investments


Recently you were able to buy bitcoin life time contracts from Genesis Mining but unfortunately due to demand they sold out in a few days!  We now have another solution, Dragon Mining!

Not long now, only 4 days until my first bitcoin mining package starts, so exciting!!  This system allows you to compound/reinvest your earnings from mining bitcoin back into more hash power daily,  meaning it will mine more and quicker per day!  You can of course change this to what ever percentage you want, you can always just take all the earnings out and put it into your bitcoin wallet automatically per day.  The choice is yours.

My plan is to reinvest all earnings for a few months to build up my mining power then change it to 80% reinvest to hash power so that gives me a little back in my wallet.  Of course if I have any spare cash and these mining packages isn’t sold out then I will be buying more!  You can start today from as little as £20!!  See below for prices.  Each level is a one off payment, no monthly fee’s and lasts for 3 years.



If your interested in signing up then head over to and order yours today!