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Lifetime bitcoin mining contracts are still available!

By | Cloud Mining

You heard me!  They’re still AVAILABLE and you can get them today and best of all it STARTS NOW!  Swiss Gold Global is an authorised reseller of Genesis Mining.  Why would you want to pay other companies for limited time contracts like 1, 2 or 3 years and twice as expensive?  Use the link below to create your free account, send them some I.D to get your account verified and then you can start buying lifetime bitcoin mining contracts, its that simple!


This is my personal dashboard on SGG and as you can see I have just over 30TH of mining power which is LIFETIME and they pay me automatically as soon as I reach 0.005 BTC, which is roughly about once every 3 days (see below for proof).  Maintenance fee is the same as Genesis Mining, about 27%.

So what are you waiting for?  You know Genesis Mining sells this fast so click the link above, register for free, get verified and start buying some LIFETIME bitcoin mining contracts before SGG sells out!!  You would be silly not to and will regret this in the future!

Are you ready for Genesis Mining, Bitcoin Contracts???

By | Cloud Mining

Are you ready for Genesis Mining Bitcoin Mining Contracts?  You should be!  Genesis Mining have RELEASED pre-orders for bitcoin mining contracts and these last LIFE TIMEACT FAST THESE WON’T LAST LONG!!!!!

No monthly fee’s, No hidden costs, just a one off payment and you are good to go!  How much will I make from mining? Will it roughly takes about 4 or 5 months to get your money back on the package and then after that its all profit!!  But whats in it for Genesis Mining? They take a 30% cut on what you make mining on their servers, which covers the cost of electric, maintenance etc.

If your still interested then click on my referral link below and use the coupon code: A8aMij  This will give you 3% off your order, every little helps!