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A new passive income stream……. Masternodes

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Sorry its been such a long time since I have done a blog post.  I have been so busy leaning this new passive income stream in Masternodes.  Doing Masternodes can be expensive on your own but when you do it with a shared group/community like Passive Node System it becomes a lot cheaper and you still benefit the very appealing return on investment.  Don’t worry if it all sounds too technical as Passive Node System has a GOLD membership at the moment of $99 and it includes a great training program and doesn’t take long to get into this investment.  BEST thing is you do not have to recruit a team to gain a passive income.

Being in this group allows you to have different shares in different Masternodes, which of course spreads the risk and the most important thing is that you get paid once per week, every FRIDAY!  Also you can pull out your initial seat value at any time.  Think Masternodes as having shares in a company but you get dividends on a weekly basis.  You can sell those shares at any time to other people or sell the coins on the exchange where you first bought them from.

Depending on the coins’s Masternode, depends on the return of investment, some take 2 to 3 months, some take 4 to 5 months.  When you get rewarded every week you are then paid in that coin to your wallet on your computer.  Then its up to you if you want to buy upgrades (buy more seats, get more rewards), HODL or sell the rewards on the exchange (passive income).

See my expected income below, not bad for an investment of $800.  You can invest as little as $40.

What is Bitcoin? How does Bitcoin work?

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What is Bitcoin? How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin emerged in 2008 by a software developer going by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.  To this day, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto really is.  Anyway they created a decentralized system where you control your own funds meaning it eliminates the middleman (Bank, Government, VISA), no interest, transactions are transparent and cut fees.  To put it simply, Bitcoin is a virtual currency.  Bitcoin is becoming very popular and big companies such as Dell, Expedia, Paypal and Microsoft accept bitcoin as payment.  Transactions however cannot be reversed unlike electronic fiat transactions, it does mean that any transaction on the bitcoin network cannot be tampered with.

The smallest unit of a bitcoin is called a satoshi.  It is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin (0.00000001).  Yes you can buy “bits” of a bitcoin, many people get confused by this and think you have to buy 1 bitcoin in order to get some bitcoin.  This is very useful for micro transactions that traditional electronic money is not possible.  The number of new bitcoins created each year is automatically halved over time until bitcoin halts completely with a total of 21 million bitcoins in existence.  This is estimated to reach 21 million bitcoins by 2140.

This is a sneak peak at our “Bitcoin for Dummies” course.  You can sign up for FREE and enroll on the course for FREE.  You can either click on the link at the top of our website “Crypto Courses” or click here!

How to sell your Bitcoin quick, easy and no hassle?

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I have found a company for you!  No referral link just the standard address: www.uphold.com  Quick, easy and no hassle!  You sign up, send your bitcoin to your uphold wallet and transfer to UK bank, it really is that EASY!.  This can take up to 1-2 working days to show up in your bank account.  Oh and did I mention you can also BUY Bitcoin as easy as selling it?  Well you CAN!

Current Cloud Mining Profile

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As you can see above I am involved in a few companies for my cloud mining.  This is to spread risk and try different platforms.  I personally have 100% trust in SGG (Swiss Gold Global) and Genesis Mining.  All hash power combined I have 43TH/s, which gives me around $172.98 per week.  If anyone wants to get into bitcoin mining then get involved with SGG today as they still have bitcoin lifetime mining contracts!!  Check the link below.

Bitcoin lifetime mining contracts still available, reseller of Genesis Mining!


Genesis Mining has currently sold out of bitcoin contracts but you can buy Ethereum 2 year mining contracts!  USE COUPON CODE: A8aMij FOR 3% OFF!


Hash Flare has bitcoin mining contracts but only for 1 year.  These are expensive and don’t give as much as return as above, but can still profit from these contracts.


Also know as Galaxy Mining, this cloud mining platform is more of a set and forget as you can set to 100% reinvest and it will do it for you.  3 year contracts.