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A new passive income stream……. Masternodes

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Sorry its been such a long time since I have done a blog post.  I have been so busy leaning this new passive income stream in Masternodes.  Doing Masternodes can be expensive on your own but when you do it with a shared group/community like Passive Node System it becomes a lot cheaper and you still benefit the very appealing return on investment.  Don’t worry if it all sounds too technical as Passive Node System has a GOLD membership at the moment of $99 and it includes a great training program and doesn’t take long to get into this investment.  BEST thing is you do not have to recruit a team to gain a passive income.

Being in this group allows you to have different shares in different Masternodes, which of course spreads the risk and the most important thing is that you get paid once per week, every FRIDAY!  Also you can pull out your initial seat value at any time.  Think Masternodes as having shares in a company but you get dividends on a weekly basis.  You can sell those shares at any time to other people or sell the coins on the exchange where you first bought them from.

Depending on the coins’s Masternode, depends on the return of investment, some take 2 to 3 months, some take 4 to 5 months.  When you get rewarded every week you are then paid in that coin to your wallet on your computer.  Then its up to you if you want to buy upgrades (buy more seats, get more rewards), HODL or sell the rewards on the exchange (passive income).

See my expected income below, not bad for an investment of $800.  You can invest as little as $40.

Crypterra cloud mining review scam or not?

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I came across a site last weekend by a company called, Crypterra.  At first glance the website looks professional, simple and prices look very interesting!  However most of the photos of their office have just been ripped from google images.  I can understand this as its a new company and they just wanted some kind of images on their site.  I hope in the future these will be updated with real images.  Example of the bitcoin cloud mining prices below.

Here’s some information regarding the cloud mining company.

  • 2 year contract mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Monero and Zcash
  • Mining starts immediately
  • Minimum withdraw $10 (Can take up to 8 hours to receive because they send bulk to minimize transaction fee’s)
  • Data centres in Hong Kong and Canada
  • Prices are very affordable
  • At the moment, no maintenance fee’s apply

Now you must be wondering, okay whats the catch?  Well I’ve been mining with this company for a few days and so far getting all withdraws, no problems accessing the website and support has answered my questions.

  Wait a minute, The problem, well its not a problem its more of a trust issue, the fact that the company only started in July 2017, no images of their mining equipment or data centres (But then Hashflare doesn’t give this out either???) and the photos on their website has come from Google images.

I have done as much research as possible into this company and I cannot find a red flag, apart from its a new company.  The domain is registered to a company in Hong Kong, they also have a data center in Hong Kong and Canada.

But the website shows its registered in Ireland?  This is because of the corporation tax of 12%.

So to sum it all up, if you like a little bit of risk then get yourself a mining contract, withdraw when you can, get your return of investment out ASAP and then start buying more with the profits.  Also do your own research into the company, end of the day its your risk.


Start mining bitcoin today! From £20 (One off payment, Lasts 3 Years)

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As you can see from the picture above, my level 3 bitcoin mining contract is doing very well, automatically reinvesting in more mining power (GigaHash) per day!  I’m going to leave it for a few months to build up my mining power and then ill start withdrawing bitcoin to my wallet.  Maybe 90% reinvest then 10% in wallet.  In the next 20 hours I will have a level 2 bitcoin mining contract that will go live, which will give me even more power per day.  This is by far the best platform to mine bitcoin today until Genesis Mining have bitcoin mining contracts back in stock!




Bitcoin mining packages from £20, get them while there HOT!

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Recently you were able to buy bitcoin life time contracts from Genesis Mining but unfortunately due to demand they sold out in a few days!  We now have another solution, Dragon Mining!

Not long now, only 4 days until my first bitcoin mining package starts, so exciting!!  This system allows you to compound/reinvest your earnings from mining bitcoin back into more hash power daily,  meaning it will mine more and quicker per day!  You can of course change this to what ever percentage you want, you can always just take all the earnings out and put it into your bitcoin wallet automatically per day.  The choice is yours.

My plan is to reinvest all earnings for a few months to build up my mining power then change it to 80% reinvest to hash power so that gives me a little back in my wallet.  Of course if I have any spare cash and these mining packages isn’t sold out then I will be buying more!  You can start today from as little as £20!!  See below for prices.  Each level is a one off payment, no monthly fee’s and lasts for 3 years.



If your interested in signing up then head over to http://Wayner87.DragonMiningSystems.com and order yours today!